The Initiatives

An Overview of Past and Present Initiatives

The initiatives always build on the most pressing social needs and the learnings from the past team(s). Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many of the current initiatives go back a long way. Others, for a variety of reasons, are currently not active. To get an idea of the different stages that best reflect the history of the initiatives and projects that have preceded the current ones, please use the interactive map below.

Below you see non-active initiatives (yellow) next to the current ones (orange).

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An Overview of Past and Present Initiatives

Since the start in 2009, the portfolio has continuously changed and developed. And it will still further evolve in the future. Here is an overview of the development stages.

Portfolio of Current Initiatives

Name Purpose
Insight Cambodia Supporting impoverished children in Cambodia through the means of education and nutrition.
PureDrops To live in a world in which every human being has immediate access to clean drinking water.

SIMcubator Bangladesh

and Rwanda

We believe that entrepreneurship is one of the best ways of combating poverty & driving local change. We support local entrepreneurs to develop tailor-made solutions that can help their communities.
SIMrise Contributing to the agricultural education a community of children in Cambodia by building a greenhouse in the local school, to empower future generations to thrive in this vital sector.
SIMocean Free the world's oceans from plastic.
XHUMA We aim to empower underprivileged pupils in South Africa to build a better future by teaching them financial literacy. In this way, we wish to break the vicious cycle of poverty.

Currently Paused Initiatives

Name Purpose
SIMpowering We strive for gender equality and empowering girls and women all around the world – the end goal being to end period poverty and the stigma surrounding it!
SIMentoring Supporting inclusion and integration in local communities.
Ripple Effect Aiming at solving sustainability-related pressing issues arising in corporates.
Rise Haiti Improve the living and learning environment of kindergarten and school children in Haiti, mainly in the city of Bedou.
Niños en Xela

Help create and preserve sustainable jobs and economic activities for women and children in Xela, generating lasting social and economical benefits for the entire community.