What is the SIMagination Challenge?

At its core, SIMagination Challenge was initiated on the belief that education in a globalized and interdependent world must be grounded in real-world scenarios and that the business ethics of tomorrow’s leaders should derive from a genuine interest in generating social value. As such, the SIMagination Challenge course fosters the development of independent thinkers who are deeply committed to the common good, capable both of devising bold solutions to the challenges facing our businesses, and of bringing together diverse stakeholders from all social categories whose collaboration can effect positive change. 

Additionally, its aim is to close a common issue in both the business world and academia: the slight disconnect to reality. While certain management skills and forms of knowledge are best imparted in a classroom setting, others only fully develop in the course of action. For it is one thing to design elegant responses to rural poverty in the comfort of a campus lounge and another matter entirely to effectively implement such measures when staring hardship in the face.

"Tomorrow's Leaders need a wide spectrum of opportunities - global learning spaces - to probe a totally new understanding about what markets and societies need to prosper in the 21st century. The new insights and fresh perspectives enable them to better contribute to creative solutions for managerial challenges, that are increasingly complex. They require a global mindset, a collaborative approach across various dimensions of diversity and, far beyond the pure business rationale, a genuine interest in generating social value, in serving society. The SIMagination Challenge effectively addresses today's learning needs of tomorrow's global leaders."

Prof. Dr. Omid Aschari
Originator and responsible Faculty Member of the SIMagination Challenge
SIM-HSG Managing Director


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The Story of SIM – 12 Years No. 1 in the World (FT Global MiM Ranking 2011-2022)

"While we are giving, we are also gaining. Though we were there to serve the community, we got to learn inspiring stories of the Cambodian kids about their hardship yet with determination and resilience in fulfilling their dreams. I could see the kids’ eyes sparkling when they talked about their goals and what they had achieved. Those were beautiful moments that I can still see clearly in my mind even it’s been years."

Lily Lin, SIM15, Taiwan
Insight Cambodia, Siem Reap