How to Get Involved


The opportunities to support the SIMagination Challenge are manifold. It is mainly about choosing a contribution that best suits your priorities and needs.

Your support – be it financially, resource or knowledge based – is a prerequisite for the continuation of the SIMagination Challenge.

The SIMagination Challenge helps equip leaders of the 21st century with the necessary tools and awareness to tackle society’s most pressing problems. We strive to live up to the highest expectations in terms of quality and sustainable impact. To fulfill its mission, the SIMagination Challenge idea needs broad-based support in society. By showing your support, you make an invaluable contribution to the long-lasting success of our initiatives.


Sponsors for SIM20

Z Zurich Fundation 


Individual Sponsors

Financial Support

Current projects can be funded by contacting the individual initiatives or targeted at the SIMagination Challenge course as a whole. In the latter case, please contact SIMagination Challenge administration via


Our students need to travel to their international destinations and be mobile at their location. In most cases, they also need physical materials and other resources to be able to reach their objectives (books, learning materials, building materials, etc.). If you can provide such donations-in-kind, please refer to the current initiative’s page where you can find out what the SIMagination teams are currently planning. You may have contacts on the ground, you may want to give something for them to take along ... please get to them directly.

Knowledge support

If you have relevant knowledge and expertise to consult our students on their initiatives, please contact the SIMagination Challenge administration at Your contribution could be in the field of social initiative planning and execution, project finance, legacy management, intercultural management, only to name a few.


Corporate Sponsors

Be it financial or knowledge support, or be it facilitation: the SIMagination Challenge administration would be happy to hear from you via


“In a globalized and interdependent world, we believe that education must be grounded in real-world scenarios and that the business ethics of tomorrow’s leaders should derive from a genuine interest in generating social value.”
Prof. Dr. Omid Aschari, MBA
Managing Director SIM-HSG
Professor of Strategic Management, Senior Lecturer