Insight Cambodia

At Insight Cambodia, we believe in the power of education and nutrition as drivers to escape poverty.

To this day, a significant portion of Cambodian communities experience challenges such as illiteracy, disadvantaged education, and malnutrition. These issues restrict their opportunities to grow to their best potential and shape their own future and development of Cambodia as a whole. Over the years, Insight Cambodia has collaborated with various local NGOs, committed to challenging and changing the status quo.

Insight Cambodia was originally established in 2010 with the primary focus of supporting visually impaired children in Cambodia by providing them with the necessary eyewear. In 2015, the initiative started a new cooperation with the local NGO “Feeding Dreams Cambodia” (FDC), pivoting its mission towards advancing social and economic development in Siem Reap, Cambodia, through education. Over the span of six years, Insight Cambodia has actively partnered with FDC to help achieve their objectives through a variety of projects. These initiatives include sponsoring kitchens for the children to enjoy hearty meals, developing new business plans to create additional revenue sources for FDC, and providing financial support during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following a two-year pause of the initiative, Insight Cambodia has returned to continue its mission of supporting children in Cambodia by providing quality education and nutrition. This year, we focus on creating new lasting partnerships and initiating sustainable projects to pave a pathway for future generations of Insight Cambodia.

Current Team

Romina Talebi Haghighi (ITA/IRN) Finance and External Communication
Claas-Eric Braun (GER) Finance and External Communication
Anushka Jain (IND) Project Development
Niklas Möller (GER) Project Development
Sung-Min Chang (KOR/GER) Project Coordination
Ri Hai (CHN) Marketing and Fundraising
Charlotte Schneider (CHE/GER) Marketing and Fundraising


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