SIMcubator Rwanda

We aim to offer impact-driven social entrepreneurs a platform to develop their ideas and scale their businesses. With this we aim to create a ripple effect that magnifies our impact in improving living situations for people in Eastern Africa.

Simcubator Rwanda’s history is marked by continuous growth and transformative impact. The original simcubator was founded in 2020, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, by students from the Master in Strategy and International Management, eager to make a difference and support entrepreneurs in enriching their local communities. The initiative started in Bangladesh, where it successfully supported and coached local startups in the healthcare sector. Building on this achievement, the team expanded to Rwanda in 2021, with a renewed focus on improving education and sustainability. The program's past successes are a testament to our dedication and commitment to creating lasting change in the regions we serve.

Significant milestones and achievements include:

  • Working with great partners including HP, as well as local partners such as SELISE (Bangladesh) and Norrsken (Rwanda)
  • The extension of the simcubator initiative to Rwanda
  • In total, securing a six-digit funding sum to support founders
  • Bangladesh: Successful coaching of 6 startups in 2021 and 9 startups in 2022
  • Rwanda: More than 350 applications and successful coaching of 5 startups in 2022 and 2023
Our primary purpose is to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the resources, knowledge, and support they need to transform their innovative ideas into thriving startups. Our mission is to strengthen a dynamic and supportive ecosystem where Eastern-African early-stage startups can thrive by bridging the gap between entrepreneurial potential and realized success.

Current Team

Finance Director
Alexander B. Imberger
Pitch day + Partner Director
Andres Correa

Program Director
Bernardo Lobo Xavier

Creative Director
Camila S. Pairazaman

Marketing Director
Emily Kruse
Fundraising Director
Francesca Bosmediano
Bootcamp Director
Paulina Dubey

Mentorship Director
Vivian Yu

Social Media