simcubator Bangladesh

As simcubator we believe that the most impactful and long-lasting positive change comes from enabling locals and their ideas. This is why we support local entrepreneurs to develop tailor-made solutions that can help their communities.

simcubator was founded in 2020, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, by SIMmies which wanted to enable local entrepreneurs to enrich their communities. simcubator was started in Bangladesh to enhance the local healthcare system by supporting and coaching Bangladeshi startups. Eventually, the simcubator was expanded to all startups that have a positive social impact on their local communities. After successfully implementing the first round of simcubator, in 2021, SIMmies decided to spread the simcubator spirit to another location: Rwanda. Here, the focus lies on enabling Rwandan entrepreneurs aiming to improve education and sustainability aspects.

Significant milestones and achievements include: 

  • Working with great partners including HP, as well as local partners such as SELISE (Bangladesh) and Norrsken (Rwanda)
  • The extension of the simcubator initiative to Rwanda 
  • The extension of the simcubator Bangladesh for social impact startups (not only healthcare)
  • Bangladesh: Successful coaching of 6 startups in 2021, 9 startups in 2022 and 10 startups in 2023
  • In total raising six-digit funding to support founders
  • We partner with local student entrepreneurs to grow their companies, through our time, funding, and network.
  • We are based in two countries with a lot of entrepreneurial potential, Bangladesh and now Rwanda.
  • We work with social businesses to enable them to achieve their vision.
  • We offer guidance, mentors, resources, and any kind of support so that they can flourish and scale their ideas to generate a ripple effect that magnifies our impact.
  • We want to eliminate poverty by helping local startups scale up and reach more people.
  • We are trying to increase decent work and economic growth by fostering the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the countries we are in.

Current Team

Fundraising: Kiara Vaz and Alexander Heyde

Marketing: Sanyam Prithani

Finance & Impact Measurement: Lucian Rilling

Program & Partners: Lukas Resch, Jan Haase, and Katharina Lonnes