Freeing the world´s oceans from plastic.

Previous SIMocean teams have successfully supported the construction of two litter traps close to the Sim Sim village in the south of Malaysia. Furthermore, the initiative has taken the first steps to educate the local population with regard to the impact that plastic pollution can have on the environment and humans. As the fourth generation of SIMocean we plan to build on the successful cooperation of previous teams with Clear Rivers, an NGO based in the Netherlands, and Future Alarm Borneo, the partner NGO on the ground in Sandakan in northern Borneo, Malaysia. This collaboration is central to our project's objective of addressing plastic pollution in the region. Furthermore, as part of our expansion strategy, we are actively exploring new forms of collaboration in the hopes of restructuring our partner's business model and finding new ways to raise awareness of the cause.

The health of our oceans is linked to the well-being of both marine life and humans. A pressing concern in this regard is the alarming amount of plastic pollution collected in our oceans. As highlighted by the United Nations, every year, millions of tons of plastic find their way into the oceans; a trend which is expected to accelerate even further. This is not just an environmental issue; it's a health crisis.

Building on the achievements of the previous team, our goal is to leverage the SIMocean initiative to free the world’s oceans from plastic. We are committed to reducing plastic pollution, by collaborating with already existing partners, directly onsite and in the Netherlands, and with new partners to tackle the problem at its root and mitigate its negative impact on the environment and human health.

Current Team

Alexandra Popescu

Project Management


Bernd Wanderer



Christopher V. Döbereiner

Emil Menschik



Luana Ettlin



Luca Blome

Niranjana Murali